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Vienna Wedding Stationery

Our Vienna Wedding Stationery range is designed with embossed card wrapped in your chosen colour of ribbon and finished off with a stunning embellishment, perfect.

Shown in peaches and cream or Cadbury's Purple, more options available.

Price: £3.50

We stock various colour of card in a variety of finished including matt, gloss, pearlescent and more.  We can customise your invitations to use almost any type and colour of card.

We stock hundreds of unique embellishments for your wedding stationery from the stunning Swarovski Crystals and Pearls to large flat back embellishments and buckles.  We can source almost any embellishment so if we dont have what you need just let us know and most of the time...we can get it!

Product Price
Daytime Invitation £3.50
Evening Invitation £2.25
Name Card £1.25
Favour Box £1.95